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The Caiman product, Computerised Aircraft Inspection and  Maintenance, is a comprehensive integrated software package offering a complete and methodical  control of all aspects of  Aircraft  Maintenance and Fleet Activity.

It consists of 6 core modules administered in one relational database. The modules, installable either separately or as an integrated system, are: Engineering, Inventory, Purchasing, Fleet Activity, Maintenance Work Planning and Airworthiness Directives. By means of these modules, Caiman controls the movement and management  of  parts through the whole  maintenance cycle, from  purchase,  through  usage on aircraft,  to repair or scrap; operational activity is also monitored.

Through Caiman's continual surveillance of each aircraft  or an  entire  fleet, maintenance needs  and  requirements  are brought  to  the attention of the personnel ahead  of  time, avoiding costly delays and breakdowns. The  countless movements of the innumerable component  parts of  each aircraft are rationally and  efficiently  updated, indexed  and controlled.

A special function is  capable of preparing  for future needs in terms of short  period maintenance  or long term budgeting, assisting in a rational  economic planning of resources and finances.


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