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The area of aircraft management covered by Caiman is an extremely cost intensive business. Many factors influence, directly of indirectly, maintenance costs, and have to be traceable by the manager.

Benefits can be expressed not only in terms of improved aircraft safety, but also as recognisable financial savings.

Advantages ascribed to the system are:

aircraft safety improvement. Caiman means certainty that no maintenance requirement is overlooked or over flown
significant savings in maintenance costs. Tracking maintenance requirements is very cost intensive, but inadequate maintenance monitoring can be even more costly. Caiman allows you to free key personnel for more productive work, yet guarantees that the aircraft meet the maintenance requirements
in particular, order issue time is shortened, total man-hour a day are reduced as a result of efficient work planning

Further advantages include:

a reduction and control of stock-outs
a reduction in purchasing costs, due to a  reduction in duplicate orders
Improved management of warranties and claims.

Further advantages may be gained as a result of upgrading to a fully integrated solution. These benefits should include:

A reduction  in inventory investment and in capital costs  
A reduction in warehouse costs
Greater productivity from Maintenance and Engineering staff
More effective use of reliability statistics.


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