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Caiman is a personalised package adaptable for the individual needs  of its users. It operates  in  real time and all information is continually updated and instantly available to the operator.

Caiman is designed to satisfy the needs of any aircraft operator.  Any make of aircraft is manageable through its services, especially a fleet of mixed types. Only one Caiman is needed to administrate the needs of an entire fleet.

Caiman has been coded using Oracle Developer. It is Web enabled, in the sense that users can connect to its services either locally, or from remote locations through a browser like Internet Explorer.

With  today's high maintenance costs, the expense of implementation  of a computerised programme is soon paid for  in the savings gained. Caiman's computerised maintenance system will:
minimise maintenance costs            
assist in a rapid identification of critical  maintenance work            
give up-to-date and accurate control of all rotables  
provide  reliable, complete and updated  information for decision making
greatly enhance overall fleet efficiency
collect reliability and failure data
provide information on which to make decisions in maintenance planning, scheduling and budgeting.

This figure illustrates the interactions among some of the Caiman modules.


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