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Reliability Analysis

With the ever increasing costs of running a fleet, reliability programs are becoming of central importance to the operator.

Taking into account the actual working conditions of each aircraft, the Reliability Analysis is capable of calculating all the principal reliability parameters:

Mean Time Between scheduled Removal
Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)
Mean Time Between Unscheduled Removal
A standard value for these, supplied by the vendor, is stored in the data base.

Additional parameters for evaluating components can be used, and relevant Reports created. Other reliability parameters are:
Mean Time Before Loss of Functionality
Mean Time Before Removal for Inefficiency at Time of Maintenance
Percentage of Removals for Breakdown on Total Numbers  of Removals

The reliability parameters are evaluated by means of the average utilisation of the component type during a given period.

The statistical information supplied by these and other reports  is of immense value in the prevention of  breakdown and in the identification of  components and positions which  have  given a  continual  record  of inefficient service.


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