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Tagging and Job Card Production

When a component arrives at the Company cargo building, or is sent out for repair, or is replaced, relevant data is written on to a "tag" card, which is then fastened to the part.

A tag can be attached to every repairable item in the warehouse. When the component is installed, its tag can be removed and completed with data of the replaced item; the complete information is then entered into the system.

To speed up the repair cycles for repairable items, a Task card can be printed automatically with details about what is to be done to it.

When a repairable part arrives to the workshop, therefore, it can be accompanied by tag and Task card. After the mechanic has finished the repair, or maintenance check, he fills the Task card with repair   details. The card is then normally signed by the supervisor and filed for future references.

Unreadable or lost tags or Task cards can be duplicated. An example of a Tag is given.


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