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Types of Tasks

In addition to standard maintenance tasks (100 Hours Inspection, or "A" check, for example), the Caiman operator can define additional tasks  to allow more complete maintenance management. Facilities are provided to control almost any conceivable type of task and associated limit: landings, hook and hoist operations, rotor cycles, power and gas producer turbine cycles, and so forth.

It is of course necessary to control components on the ground too, and the Caiman program  therefore monitors "shelf-life" and "loan" tasks.

Components that have a shelf-life task when on the shelf, but that have their work potential fully restored when installed (perhaps because immersed in oil when on board), are also monitored.

As an example of the flexibility of the Caiman system, suppose an analysis has indicated that the level of iron within the oil system of an engine is above the normally accepted level. The engineering group might then order that the engine be monitored every 25 flight hours thereafter, perhaps with inspection and spectroscopic analysis. To the Caiman operator it would be a simple matter to "append" an additional 25 hour task to the engine, letting the Caiman take over the tedious and time consuming clerical work of tracking these tasks.

The screen below shows, as an example, a list of Tasks.


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