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Technical Publications

A fleet operator is confronted with a continual flow of Directives: Technical Bulletins, Service Bulletins, Airworthiness Directives, Information Letters, and so forth.  The content of the incoming publications must be carefully analysed, and relevant tasks programmed and  carried out. As a further complication that rests on the operator's shoulders, the arrival of the publications does not normally follow a well established periodicity, but originates in an unpredictable manner, depending on Control Agencies, Manufacturers Directives or the Company' Engineering Division.  This module of the Caiman assists   the  fleet operator with a   comprehensive set of   tools, organised in the  following functions:

directives acquisition, which carefully catalogues the publications in the data base for use by other functions. All types of documents are controlled, and complex interrelations between ADs, SBs, ECOs reproduced in the system

Serial  Numbers  selection, committed to the search and retrieval of the serial  numbers referenced to by the   publications.  The function is  carried  out with the aid of  other Caiman  modules: Rotables for insight on the serialised items,  such as expire date, limits, configurations;

Flight Activity makes available the operational history of  the aircraft; Orders offers information about the manufacture date of time limited parts

compliance with Directives: when a task is carried out, this function records the information on the data base, and calculates new expire limits for repetitive tasks

Enquiries afford high visibility  to the module; in particular provide Directive-Tasks and Tasks-Directives cross reference. Compliance search is carried out on a per Aircraft or Engine basis.


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