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A flight may involve one or several legs. The package processes all the relevant variables: location of departure and arrival, date and time of flight, fuel consumptions, start-stop and takeoff-landings, approaches, weather conditions, assigned height, number of start-ups for both engines.
Utilisation data such as flying time and cycles are automatically channelled into the Rotables Management module. The procedure routinely records all maintenance stops.

Flight Log
The logical location for information about flight duty is, of course, the flight log. In effect, all data relevant to the procedure are fed into the system from this single source, which facilitates the acquisition of the basic information.

Flights classification
A modern fleet operator will very likely want to classify missions flown so as to be able to rate the level of service achieved. With Caiman, personalised charts can be generated and used to classify missions according to their purpose.
To ensure maximum flexibility, missions can be  classified according to a coding system that operates on several levels of hierarchy.


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