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Goods delivery

Material arriving at the operator's premises is normally accompanied by some form of documentation (invoice copy, packing slip), giving details of the delivery.

The receiving bay attendant raises then the appropriate order in the Caiman database, assisted in this task by special enquiry functions that allow him to sift orders on file through various selection parameters.

When the operator has found the right order, he books the material into the warehouse. If the delivery regards items subject to acceptance (generally rotable parts) the goods are placed in a stand by state, awaiting acceptance by Engineering.  In case of goods not subject to acceptance the  quantities in the warehouse are updated and tags printed and fastened to the parts.

Orders that fail in some way to match the original order may be accepted if appropriate, or referred to later analysis by the supervisor. Interchangeable parts delivered instead of the ordered ones, if as yet unknown to the system, are entered �on the spot� with a fast  coding method.

The delivery of material is, of course, one of the points where data can be collected for monitoring a suppliers' lead time. In case of incomplete delivery the operator has the choice of leaving the order "open" for future deliveries, or flagging it as "complete", perhaps because the quantity delivered closely matches the quantity ordered.

The orders processed are of course already complete with cost information; favourable purchase conditions are registered onto the parts master record, and will be automatically proposed in the next purchase proposal for the item.


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