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This module can handle central warehouses and line stations. The basic functions of maintenance are the same in every country, and the same problems exist everywhere. Operators everywhere need to know:

quantity on hand of a particular part
distribution of the parts of the fleet
where all the interchangeable items  of a part are sited
how to make best use of the time-limited parts (such as O-Rings).

Not only, but any fleet operator expects definite benefits from a Material Management module:

rapid identification and distribution of materials, including alternates, with a reduction of unproductive time
under-stock management
overstock management  
inventory accounting
economic order quantity management.

The software Caiman has been proven as a modern method of tackling these problems, and shows how the many functions of M. M. (purchasing, rotables management, and inventory control, among others) can be facilitaded by providing up-to-date information as it is required along the communications network.

Caiman satisfies these needs through the following functions:


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