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Work-shop management requires the immediate availability of material of all types, either to complete a repair or to replace an unserviceable component that has been removed from an aircraft.

The  Orders module covers  both Purchase  and  Repair Orders.  Orders originate in two ways:

1. from a Demand issued by the Workshop. The Demand is processed by the Purchase Office and confirmed in an actual order
2. raised by the Purchasing Department, normally preceded by a request for tender.

When Caiman determines an under-stock condition for a part, the operator enters a transaction indicating a "purchase proposal", probably batching together several under-stocked parts.  

The system accesses the master records for the parts being proposed, and calculates the amounts for the parts. Special sale offers, such as   best order quantity, or discounts offered by the supplier, are taken into account.

The supervisor carries out an appraisal of such requests with the help of special enquiries. If he sees fit to confirm the order, enters another transaction onto the system creating an order to the supplier. An example is given in this screenshot.


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