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Summary of Maintenance Work Planning

A  Caiman  user  now has a vast  field  of  maintenance problems under continual surveillance.  With Caiman handling all the complex planning requirements, the aircraft operator need no longer worry about missing tasks, nor be concerned about when to arrange the next due maintenance.  
These matters are planned  by the programme,  effectively  and  efficiently.  With  Caiman's   statistical  reports,  an aircraft operator has no more  fragmentary information about each vehicle of the fleet.  

Instead  a  complete, rational and  clear report  is presented. To  answer  any query about  maintenance
matters,  the  Caiman  user  has  no need to  wait,  delay  or  search     through documents. All information is readily available through the computer terminal.

Caiman's efficient control and administration of maintenance  can simplify and rationalise  a  vast sector of  aircraft management, leading to  a  notable reduction in maintenance and operational costs. The header screen of a Work Package is shown below.


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