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Caiman offers the operator co-ordinated  and  updated information through the "Enquiry" function. An enquiry into  a  part number,  for  example, displays updated information on all the items sharing the same part number, and the "residual" working potential remaining prior to the next due maintenance.
An enquiry into a serial number, on the other hand, shows  the movements undergone by this part during its working life, and its "residual" working potential.

Caiman prepares various kinds of reports, presenting the user with groupings of relevant information in one print-out. All  reports can be directed to a printer, or generated in various formats: PDF, HTML, RTF, POSTSCRIPT, TEXT.  
A few examples of print outs are :      
v Aircraft Status Report  presents detailed  information on each aircraft. This information can be  printed in order of    components    or    residual potential.  

Component History Report presents the operator with all  information  on  a given component  over  a  given period of time. At a glance the operator can see any movements or revisions of that particular part. This information can be of assistance in the selection of efficient replacements.  

Position History Report lists the positions that have had a  history of replacement on one or more  aircraft,  assisting  the maintenance personnel  to  locate weakness or problem points, preventing future  breakdowns and unnecessary maintenance.

Print-out of parts at warehouses and Stations: the demand for spare parts can vary quite dramatically, especially with an aircraft on ground. It is therefore important to be able to single out location and status of parts currently at line Stations.

A few titles of the Caiman reports are shown below:


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